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Klein Realty & Auction Co. as your full time auction and real estate sales and auction team believe:


• We Believe that you are of our utmost goal and responsibility.


• We Believe we offer to you our 60 years of past experience.


• We Believe in professionalism and honesty in all of our transactions.


• We Believe in customer satisfaction.


• We Believe in the committal to the code of Ethics.


• We Believe that your community as well as our community is of utmost importance.


• We Believe in working with local businesses, residences, schools, churches, and government to meet all of the various community needs.


• We Believe as a member of Iowa Auctioneers Association, Iowa Association of Realtors, the Plymouth County Multiple Listing Service, and the Sioux City Board of Realtors we will work very closely and share duties with other auction and real estate firms in the general area.


SELLERS - Auctions


The auction method is by far the longest and most proven method of selling property of any and all kinds of merchandise/real estate. Since the days of the wars, with the Colonels of the Army selling people for working for others and continuing for all of these years to our present day of auctions has to speak volumes of its successful nature. We fully understand that your property is very valuable and moer than likely has been in the family for generations. We realize the importance of ownership and take that concern wholeheartedly when the day comes to auction your property.




In our office of representation we are a seller's agent, buyer's agent and/or we represent both sellers and buyers as a consensual dual agent. As an experienced professional who has helped many people sell their real estate property, we know how to handle every aspect of the sales process such as marketing and showcasing your real estate such as homes, farmland, and commercial property and make sure that all papers are signed, sealed, and delivered at the time of closing. As a buyer's agent, and kowing that this is a complex process, yet an exciting process, this can be very time consuming if you are not familiar with the aspects of the process and lacking proper information. One of our specialties in this business is working very closely with other multiple listing firms and individual real estate companies in the general area to make sure that your dreams as a satisfied buyer is more enjoyable and less stressful. Klein Realty & Auction Co. is the Key to Your Success whether you are a seller of a buyer.

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