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Professional Auction Services for

All Types of Auctions Including:


We offer FREE market value analysis on all types of property with no strings attached. Whether you are interested as a seller or a buyer of real estate property, let our experienced saff of 60 years assist you through this process.


Whether you are interested in the sale or purchase of real estate, we are available to be the Key to your Success as our clients through an experienced staff of real estate professionals with 60 years of experience.


• Real Estate • Farm Machinery • Farm Equipment • Livestock Equipment

• Antiques & Collectibles • Household • Inventory Reduction

• Business Liquidation • Trucks & Trucking Equipment

• Commercial Business & Equipment • All other types of auctions


What Sets Us Apart

• Experienced stafff to accommodate any type of auction that we are conducting.

• Experienced staff of cashiers and clerks with many years of experience.


How We Accomplish That

• Advertising can be so beneficial because most times you have one opportunity to sell your property.

• By placing your auction in the proper advertisement assures you of the most successful sale possible.

• Most companies expect the seller to prepare and line up the merchandise, but our staff personally prepares your items for your auctions and helps arrange the order of the sale the day of your auction.

• Over the last 60 years we have had an enormous amount of experience making your auction successful.


Auction Equipment

1. Proper sound systems that can handle any and all types of auctions.

2. Trucks, trailers, and other equipment

3. Tables and appliance carts in order to display auction items properly.

4. Computerized internet website access.

5. Office headquarters with computers to handle all of the pre-sale details.


What You Need to Consider Assuring a Successful Auction

The First Contact - When contacting Klein Realty & Auction Co. about your auction, we will sit down and advise you of the important steps to have a successful sale. By offereing you the most professional auction services available in Northwest Iowa, we are more than pleased to show you how we market your property that best fits your situation. It is also important to see that all of the pertinent information regarding your items is correctly listed and advertised.



Advertising is the most important part of the sale even though advertising may be an expensive item, it is very critical in the success of your auction. Depending upon the desires of the seller, we will discuss the use of newspaper, radio, TV, direct mailings, and any other forms of exposure to market your property.


Auction Preparation & Arrangement

We feel strongly and take great pride that our company prepares and arranges your items for the day of the auctions and displays them in a very organized manner to be sold. This may seem rather trivial to people, but it does involve a lot of time and effort to accomplish the ultimate goal of your satisfaction.


Selling Your Items For The Highest Price Possible

Something any auctioneer or auction company will agree upon is that the main objective of any auction is to market your items for the highest price possible. Something you should consider in selecting an auction company is that yo uwill never get a second chance to hold an auction of your property. Therefore, it is vital that you do it right, by choosing a company that has the proven track record for successful auctions, and that company is Klein Realty & Auction Co.

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